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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Foundation

Non-profit organization in Bethesda, Maryland, dedicated to providing objective information on alternative medicine, complementary medicine, Tibetan medicine and herbal therapies.

Alternative Therapies for Physical Disability

Provides information on alternative, complementary, energy-based, or innovative therapies for physical disability, including spinal cord injury (SCI) and dysfunction.

Chios Energy Field Healing

Comprehensive online tutorial of advanced techniques in energy field (aura and chakra) healing.


Offering alternative medicine information in the form of articles, user-submitted remedies, question and answer sections, and a practitioner directory.


Online resource for videos, articles, and podcasts focused on natural health and alternative medicine.

La Bibliotheque-Mazdeenne

Description of the science of mazdeenne; free consultation on request only; (in French).

Natural Cures

Discusses common illnesses, their symptoms, as well as how to prevent and treat them. Also explores how to naturally cure through home remedies and dietary supplements.

Old Cures

The history of old medicine, and an old medical book.

Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini

System of cards that harness vibrations to heal particular diseases and body parts.

Whole Health MD

Features information and resources regarding combining alternative medicine, supplements, vitamins, herbs, and nutrition with conventional medicine.